Joe Cada – WSOP 2009 Winner

The world series of poker main event is played by the best of the best poker players from around the world. There can only be one world series of poker bracelet winner each year. 2009 world series of poker main event results is the youngest poker player to ever win the WSOP main event, Joe Cada.

Lets learn a little about the world series of poker winner Joseph Cada. Ever since he started playing poker, he wanted to win the WSOP main event bracelet. Since he was 17 years old! He had to wait 4 years just to enter the world series of poker main event. Talk about a person focus on winning. When his friends was asking him is he happy about turning 21 years old to go to the night clubs and drink. Cada said he's happy to be 21 years old, now he can get into the world series of poker main event.

I don't know if he read any personal development but that is the core of being successful at what you want. Having a dream, seeing that dream as a vision coming true. Once he had the chance, Cada made that vision a reality. He had many moments in the WSOP main event were he was allin hoping that the poker gods will give him the chance to win. That night it seem like it was his destiny to win the world series of poker bracelet. He played like a champ, got a few suckouts to double up, and took down the tournament.

Joe Cada won $8,547,042 for winning the 2009 world series of poker main event and a bracelet that many poker players would gladly give up the money just to say they won the WSOP main event. I for one is not one those poker players. I would love to win the world series of poker main event bracelet but i much rather have the cash. lol that's just me. I am sure Joe Cada is enjoying the bracelet and the cash right about now.

There was many times he should have been out of the tournament and long gone. However, the poker gods had a different plan for him. Cards came down in his favorite to take down the main event as the youngest to ever do it. He truly held his own against pro poker players like Phil Ivey.With everybody cheering for Phil Ivey to take down the final table. Cada didn't lose his cool. He stayed focus to face Darvin Moon heads up. Moon didn't have nearly enough experience as Cada did with heads up action. Joe Cada was bound to win this tournament once he went heads up against his opponent.

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