WSOP 2009 Final Table

As poker players the goal is to win and make money, lots of money. We go through a lot of ups and downs playing our favorite games of poker. For me its been a lot of downs lately. Tried to take down a few no limit Texas holdem tournaments. Placed outside the cash positions as always. Let's focus on what many people want to do. Many have their eyes and hearts set on the wsop main event. I am the same way, I want to be in the wsop main event some day. Too bad 2009 was not my year to go to the wsop. I got my eyes on the 2010 wsop main event.

I would have love to meet Phil Ivey of NN this year. It would have been awesome. You could check out 2009 November Nine, Poker News, and Phil Ivey Bio or next year you can hopefully read about me playing in the wsop 2010 final table.

Of course, they would know me from my personal blog Deneil Merritt about being an internet entrepreneur. Even though this is my poker blog all about helping you guys and gals become better poker players to put more money in your bankrolls one tournament at a time.

Anyways I can't wait to see the wsop 2009 final table. It should be one great battle. Phil Ivey is in the final, I can't wait to see how he is going to play at the final table. I think he can finally take down the main event. It's been a long time he been trying to take down the no limit texas holdem wsop main event. Maybe 2009 is his year to do it.

What do you guys think about the wsop 2009 final table? Do you think Phil Ivey will finally take down the wsop main event?

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  1. B-rant Reply

    I played in the 2009 “donkulus,” or the $1,000 NLHE event #4 at the WSOP this year. It was my first ever WSOP event. I didn’t cash, but I lasted aroune nine hours. Anyway, I got to my seat late, and not only was my seat empty, but the one next to mine was as well. I thought, hmm someone’s even later than I am. We played a few orbits, and I won a couple small pots. I notice suddenly that someone has arrived at the seat to my left as a couple of people are standing next to me when I turn my head. It’s a taller guy in a light blue button-down shirt talking to the other guy standing there as he is sitting down. When he sits down he finally looks to his right, at me, and it’s Mr. Phil Ivey himself, there to play some cards–45 minutes late. I couldn’t believe it. As it was registering with me, I saw for an instant the magnitude of the global poker world right before my eyes, and its gravity was dizzying. It was quite an experience. Nonetheless, I kept my cool and played normally. Perhaps I kept it a little too cool, though, because I couldn’t think of a single word to say to him for 20 minutes. Finally, I say, “So how’d you do in the 40k?” even though I knew he had just busted. He joked, “I made it to day 2, and I haven’t done that in a while.” I check raised him with the best hand in one pot, and he folded. Other than that, I didnt get involved much before he was eliminated, which was about 45 minutes after he sat down (he flopped a flush and was all in on the flop v. a set which boated up on the river). Very cool experienc–especially for my first ever WSOP event.

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