What Is Rakeback?

What is rakeback? Many new online poker players don't know what rakeback is nor how to get rakeback. By the time an online poker player learn about rakeback, they can't get rakeback at their favorite online poker room. No worries because you can always play at another online poker room. Nobody limits you to only play poker at one online poker room.

First let me explain what rakeback is before we get into the pros and cons of rakeback. Every online poker room takes rake from ring games and tournament "entry fees". Depending on what online poker room you on you can get rakeback daily, weekly, or monthly. For example, if you are getting full tilt rakeback. You get 27% rakeback at the end of each month. If you play a lot of poker, that can add up pretty fast throughout the month.

Now the pros and cons of getting rakeback. I would say that poker players that are breaking even or profitable poker players have no cons with rakeback. The money that can be made is great. For players that are breaking even each month and their bankroll isn't really growing, rakeback can be that edge needed to push those players over into being a profitable poker player. Profitable poker players just earn more money with rakeback. Great way to really boost earnings at the end of each month.

Now the pros and cons is for those poker players that keep losing money at the tables. First lets start with the cons. The only con here is rakeback provides you with money to lose. If you are a losing (nonprofitable) poker player you are not learning how to become an profitable poker player. You are relaying on rakeback to provide you with more money to lose. However, the pros of having rakeback as a losing poker player allows you the time and money to become a profitable poker player. With the extra poker money from rakeback, you can take your time to learn what games you are good, improve your poker skills, and become an profitable poker player.

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