Weak Limit Texas Holdem Players

In my poker career going from zero to hero. I find so many donkey's in freeroll tournaments that I kind of wish I never started this challenge and just made a deposit. However, from winning some of the Yoga Poker freerolls during the 2 week Yoga Poker freeroll challenge. I got a small bankroll, lost most of it in sit n go's not following my own sit n go strategy.

So with the last of my bankroll, I played the same game I played at my local casino. (Limit texas holdem) I know I said I wasn't going to play in the cash games but I thought to myself. It has to be a lot better than buying in one more sit n go and lose. Well I was right, so for now on whenever I place in cash in freeroll tournaments I will be focusing on limit texas holdem cash games to build my bankroll.

The limit texas holdem players on the cake poker network is pretty weak and easy to build your bankroll as long as you don't play too many hands, chase after straight/flush draw or over play low pairs. So if you want to build your bankroll with me. You can find me on the following cake poker network poker rooms. Cake Poker (of course), Doyles Room, Yoga Poker, and Power Poker.

Since the limit texas holdem players are so weak on the cake poker network. You will not see my poker career stats so bad again. Well as long as I place in a few freeroll tournaments which I totally hate playing. Freeroll tournaments are like shooting yourself in the toe to win a bet. Totally not worth it but you still happy you won.

Anyway, cheers to being a winning profitable poker player and ill see you at the tables.

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