VIP players deserve VIP rakeback deals

It’s pretty obvious that every poker room has to fight for its players and times are over that players just came across poker sites and started playing there. Now the poker room has to go for the players - at least for the bigger ones. And the big players are not looking for some first deposit bonus or weekly freerolls. They’re looking for a maximum compensation and yes, they deserve it. They bring the most money to poker rooms and they should get better deals than some smaller players that deposits 20 bucks and donks at 0,02/0,04 tables.

So, let’s take a look at sites and networks where it’s possible to get really good deals if you’re a decent player. However, we don’t consider smaller networks that may give 70% rakeback but where you won’t find more than five active tables.

PokerStars is clearly not the best place to look for rakeback. Full Tilt Poker rakeback is better but you won’t profit that much if you’re a better player. Party Poker is also not the best place to look for a good deal. Ipoker is way better and it’s almost as big as Party Poker in terms of traffic. Ipoker rakeback can be very lucrative because you can get up to 60 % if you’re a decent player. Ongame rakeback is also fine. If you’re a small player you will not earn more than a good deposit bonus. But if you’re a high volume player you can find some very good deals where you can earn up to 90 % rakeback - at least for the beginning.

These are the most interesting rooms and networks for rakeback There are some smaller networks like Entraction Rakeaback, Cake and Boss Media but their rakeback deals are stiff. So not the best place for VIP players.

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