Turn Play Money Into Real Money

When you sign up to full tilt poker. You start with $1,000 worth of chips in play money. You can play with the play money at the tables, sit n' gos, and tournaments. For most people, playing poker with play money is just plan out fun. For others its much more serious than that. You have to take the time to truly learn to play poker using your play money. I am going to show you how to build your play money and turn your play money into real money. I'm not saying you going to flip and grow rich but I am saying at least you will have some real money in your full tilt poker account.

How To Build My Play Money?

Full Tilt Allows you to reload your play money back to $1,000 every 5 minutes. This comes in handle at the beginning of building your play money without playing a single hand of poker. Every time you join a sit n' go or a tournament. The play money is taking out of your account. The good thing about that is every time you un-join a sit n' go or tournament it goes back into your account.

Now that we know that, we can start building our play money. The lowest sit n' go buy-in is $250 play money chips.  This mean you have to join 4 play money sit n' gos. Then go to your cashier. Click reload to get $1,000 play money chips into your account. Then unjoin all 4 sit n' go tournaments. Now you have $2,000 play money chips into your account.

Now you have to wait 5 minutes to be able to reload your account again. This time you only have to join 1 sit n' go since the next level buy-in is $2,000 play money chips. Read the whole step by step guide to Free $10,000 Play Money On Full Tilt Poker.

You can keep repeating it as far as you want to until you get bored or tired of not playing a single hand of poker. That's when you start playing the $10,000 play money buy-in sit n' gos or tournaments. Here's an no limit texas holdem sit n go strategy article on how to place in paid positions most of the time. Build your play money up to $500,000 or $1,000,000 to be on the safe side.

How To Turn Play Money Into Real Money?

This is the easy part but yet the most stressful part of turning play money into real money. You must enter full tilt $500,000 play money tournament. Its only 18 paid positions with a maximum of 1,800 players. Most of the time its less than 50 players in the tournament.

Cash Positions

  • 1st: $5
  • 2nd: $3
  • 3rd-18th: $2

As you can see its not mad money but its a nice way to start your bankroll. Now that you know how to start your bankroll. Your account should always have some real money in it. Need help with anything, post it in the poker forum.

2 comments on “Turn Play Money Into Real Money”

  1. IrishExocet Reply

    The whole getting 2000 playchips to begin with – is a little more simple. — Make sure you HAVNT reloaded your chips in the last 5 minutes – then reg for sit & go step tourney – 10000(pick an empty lobby) then go reset -unregister and you have your 2000

  2. Philip Reply

    I can’t find that
    $500,000 play money tournament anymore.
    Did they stop with it?
    When that is the case, for me it is much less fun
    to play those play chips tournaments.

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