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Who'd have ever thought that calling Apple's products "toys" would upset people? Look it's not my fault Rush Poker decided to ignore Apple! Because you're a bunch of whingers and because I'm nice I decided to do a bit of research and find out what good poker games were out there for the iPhone (obviously some of these are just for fun), anyway, here's my list of top poker games for your iPhone:-

Important Update 14th February 2012
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The first iPhone application that is ideal for the "real" poker player is “Mega Poker Online Texas Hold ‘Em”. This application is ideal for anyone that wants to play live poker against other people from across the world. With this application, you can log right in and play in a live poker tournament or sit and go table. The application has a variety of different games including the ever popular Texas Hold ‘Em, you can sit up to 10 people at one table. The game always moves very quickly and fluidly and can be played whether you are in a 3G, Edge, or WiFi location.

The next great iPhone app for poker lovers is “World Series of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend.” This poker application is similar to other poker applications in that it allows for online game play from a wide variety of locations. What is different about this application is that it allows for more long-term competition. A player starts with chips, and after leaving the table can retain the chips that they earned. While these chips may not have any actual currency value, players can use the chips to earn certain achievements and climb the global rankings. Game play options range from head to head to larger tournaments. This game allows you live live out your virtual poker career. I probably shouldn't say this but my wife is addicted to this game. Not only that but her playing style has translated well from the fun no money game to play for money online poker. Seriously, she'd never played a real game in her life before going online and has already done very well for herself! (The cow!)

Something of a novelty and a bit more fun is the poker application “Dogs Playing Poker.” Similar to the famous painting of dogs playing cards, this application uses dogs as the avatars on the play screen as opposed to the typical human being. While this application uses the friendly dogs playing poker theme, it is also ideal for people who want to start playing the game. The game offers players a free tutorial that helps them understand how the game is played, table etiquette, and new strategies that could improve their game play. Overall well worth a go.

One of the most popular poker applications is “Texas Poker.” This application does not come with as many frills as some of the other applications, but its poker game play is unrivaled. The game allows a user to set up an account and participate in live head-to-head matchups or larger tournaments. While playing the game, a player can also research their opponents by reviewing their statistics and try and determine their strategy for playing the game. Most players like to use the same table name wherever they go, surprisingly enough you might just pick up a few tips about some real cash players from this app.

So there you have it. Apple like to keep things kiddy safe so whilst you're not going to get rich playing iPhone poker games they can be good fun all the same.

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