The Art Of Bluffing At Texas Holdem

Many poker hands can be won by bluffing. Online poker is known for its players bluffing a little too much. Bluffing too many times like a normal online poker player can make you lose a serious amount of chips. Many players go from chip leader of the table to the small stack of the table in one hand from bluffing. I myself have done this a few times in very important tournaments.

What is bluffing?

To bluff is to bet or raise high enough so your opponents will fold their hands.

What is a semi-bluff?

To semi-bluff is to bet or raise even though you need one more card to improve your hand. (All of your opponents may fold)

The art of bluffing

To be successful at bluffing at online poker take some time. One must learn how their opponents are playing that day. Play at least 10 - 25 hands before trying to bluff your opponents. By waiting 10 - 25 hands before bluffing your opponents allows you to learn how each of your opponents are playing.

Make sure you take a look at the cards when there is a showdown. Look at the players that went in with something dumb like a 9 2 off suit, They are playing a little to wild.(Better terms a "Donkey") You want to try your first bluff against a online poker player like this. So even if your opponent calls your bluff. You still have some hope of winning the hand. I personally like to call this a safe bluff.

Now once you get a few wins from bluffing this way. You can try bluffing a few tight online poker players. I heard of a few online poker players that play poker games at that won some really good pot sizes by bluffing to win.

Take some time to work on your bluff game, bluff with no fear, and post below at well bluffing worked out for you.

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