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Exclusive Interview with Owner of PokerBloggs.com

I am doing an interview with one of my poker affiliate coaches. Yes, even a coach has a coach. You have to learn from someone. I was really happy when he agreed to do the interview. If you are going to learn affiliate marketing, don't just stay with the affiliate networks. Their are better ways to build a passive income. Anyway, lets get into the interview with my poker affiliate coach George Haritos.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers.
Hello, I'm George Haritos, the owner of Pokerbloggs.com, mypokertube.com, pokeraffiliates.org.uk. My sites have been featured on G4 TV and I have done consulting for for major companies and affiliates.

2. How long you been a poker affiliate?
I've been a poker affiliate since 2004

3. What is your biggest challenge as a poker affiliate?
My biggest challenge as a poker affiliate has been to overcome rooms closing down, dealing with people in forums, and scammers. Another challenge I faced was actually focusing on getting conversions as opposed to buying and selling domains. Lately the domain market has been bad and I have gone to strictly getting signups for Full Tilt.

4. What is the most important thing you have learn about poker affiliate marketing and how has it impacted your success today?
If I were to do things differently, I would have let anyone in forums know what I'm doing. Other affiliates rip off your ideas within a week if you post anything. However, I do not agree with people who post in forums who don't use signatures. I lose trust in them. Also, never share your techniques with others, I learned that from Shoemoney. He never clues anyone intgo what hes doing until the fad is over.

And when you describe me as an affiliate, I'm not your typical "affiliate". I;m more of a developer / domainer. But lately I've quit expanding my domain empire and going for conversions.

5. What is your favorite method of generating traffic and why?
Articles. Articles are the cheapest and best way to generate traffic.

6. What’s your most effective method of generating traffic?
I can't really share this, because it would have negative effect on my traffic. I'd say ditto to question 5.

7. What are your short, mind, and long term goals as a poker affiliate?
My short term goal is to streamline my domain portfolio. My long term goal is to ride out this depression the economy is in or about to be in.

8. If you could give one piece of advice to new poker affiliates that are starting out what would it be?
Write your own articles if you can. Save money because times are bad. Content is king and so is keeping a low overhead.

9. What top tip would you give to current poker affiliates?
Use MXhub.com for hosting. Joseph is the best admin in the business.

10. Any information you would like to add for our future poker affiliates?
If you are looking what other sites are doing and copy that, you will always be one step behind. See what they are doing and add a new twist. Always take it to the next level.

I would also advise to stay away from small rooms.

Don't forget about signing sub affiliates. Then once you get players and sub affiliates, nurture them.

Thank you George for taking the time to answer these questions.