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Poker Training Weekly Launch Today!

Poker Training Weekly

Poker Training Weekly

Yes, its finally here. Learn to play poker like a pro. This program is a 52 week/12 month program. You get a new video lesson via email weekly. Unlike other programs that give you all the information at once and you don't learn anything. This program gives you a bite size at a time. You will be able to learn it and retain it. Besides learning how to play poker for a living, their is a bonus for those that complete the 12 month program. You will be sent the email address to request your Certificate Of Complete. You will be a certified poker expert of Texas hold'em. The only problem I see with this program is, there is only 1,000 slots available and its going to fill up fast. Its not fair to those that hear about this a week after the launch. (If that's you, you will have to get on their waiting list) Lucky, you got bloggers like me that find out about awesome programs ahead of time and had this post really for the launch day.

The new breakthrough in poker training technology was created by 3 poker experts. These three pro poker players have years of experience. I got the details on all three of these poker pros.

Patrick is a Las Vegas professional. He has extensive, successful experience as a live player as well as online. He is a poker consultant for some of the best players in the game today.

Joseph is based out of the UK and is also an expert in poker skills, techniques, and strategies. He has several years of both online and live poker success. He's written over 500 published articles(Talk about a lot of articles) for the poker industry.

Phillip D. is an online poker pro who has been playing online poker for several years. He owns several poker training sites including, www.texas-holdem-secrets-exposed.com, www.startinghandsystem.com, www.texas-holdem-videos.com among many others. He is a short-handed (6 person) sit-n-go expert and makes $300 - $1,200 a day playing these games. (Long time before I reach that) He has trained over 1,500 players in the skills, strategies, and systems to be successful at short-handed sit n' go.

They also had Las Vegas pro poker players test all the systems at the casino tables, give feedback, and contribute skills, strategies, and techniques.

This makes me want to stop blogging and just play poker full time. As much as I want to become a pro poker player. I prefer to help others make money online. It makes me feel like I help change the world. (Silly I know, but that's how it makes me feel)

Become a Certified Poker Expert Today!