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Make Money Online Playing Poker

I know some of you are sick of these posts about poker by now. I just wanted to show you how to make money online playing poker. Poker is becoming a very popular sport and the winnings can be big. Since I didn't make a deposit I didn't have money to play with. Don't worry about making a deposit right now. I will show in you a moment how to build your bankroll.

Over the pass few days I been playing poker at full tilt. Remember I am a very quick learner. So first thing I did was download the software to play. Once I made my account, I went to the "play money" tables. I played a lot of hands then went to the "play money" tournaments. Since its "play money" most people don't care if they win or lost. Once those people lost and the serious people are left in the tournament. Its time for you to really focus. This is where you really going to learn. Make sure you learn what is what when you win or lose.

Now that you got the hang of things, its time to start building your bankroll. Go to the "real money" tournaments. Look through the tournaments and find all the "freeroll" tournaments. Once you find one that you can join its time to build your bankroll. Remember to play a tight at the beginning of the tournament. Let all the beginners and risk takers to get knocked out of the tournament early. Stay focus on your game, once enough people get out of the tournament there will only be "money" positions left.

Ok, let explain what I mean by money position. Lets say there's a tournament only 1st through 20th place win money. There are 600 people in the tournament. Once you see its only 20 people left in the tournament. That means only money positions are left.

Now that you in a money position you can relax a little and just focus on your hands. No matter what happens you still going to win money. So play your hands to have fun and learn the game as you go. Do enough of these "freeroll" tournaments improve your skills and build your bankroll. You will be ready to make your first deposit. Now that's when being a KushMoney reader comes in handy.

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Now that you know how to build your bankroll and get a extra $600 from your first deposit of $600. Let me take the time to tell you about my first tournament win. Well I came in 16th place. First place winner got $5.50 which isn't bad since I got into the tournament free. The tournament was held by Freeroll Army. After you join full tilt, remember to join freeroll army. They have a weekly "freeroll" tournament. Prefect way to build your bankroll. Back on subject. I made $0.21 for coming in 16th place. I know it's not much but I am not done. It's only the beginning for me. I hope to see you guys/gals at Full Tilt.