Problem att spela pocketpar

Pocketpar kan ge de högsta utbetalningar i No Limit Holdem. Statistiskt ligger du före nästan varje hand i spelet preflop. Unfortunately however, playing pocket pairs is one of the hardest things to master in poker. And one of the most popular hands that lands players in big trouble.

Följande artikel kommer att omfatta några frågor när du spelar pocketpar; och hur man undviker att hamna i otrevliga situationer med stora summor pengar.

Varför spelar pocketpar farliga?

Som jag nämnde, pocketpar är mycket bra händer före floppen; men när floppen kommer de flesta spelare antingen panik eller göra fel rörelser.

Ditt mål när man spelar liten ficka par, om i cashgames, turneringar (MTT-strategi) eller SNGs, is to catch a set on the flop. Catching a set on the flop pays off extremely well because it’s a monster hand none of your opponents will be able to read. You can lay out traps on the board hoping your opponent’s hit top pair or is on a draw. I själva verket, träffa triss på floppen med pocketpar ger så högt värde att många spelare förespråkar ringer till 6xBB med små fickor.

Problemet här är att du bara har en 12% chance of hitting that set. Som sådan, many new/inexperienced players find themselves exposed in pots. They don’t know whether they still have the best hand, eller är slagen av någon av överkort. My advice to avoid this situation is to always lead out on the flop; men några samtal du tar emot eller kontrahöjer sedan bör insta-faldig.

The same problem can be said for high pockets like JJ or QQ with overcards on the flop. Many players will call to the river hoping to make their set. Looking at the maths though, du har bara två outs för en sådan situation, ger dig bara en 8% chance of hitting a set by showdown. You can see here that being able to read your opponent is crucial to avoiding problems with pockets.

Största problemet med pocketpar – en ritbordet

This is the most dangerous situation for pocket pairs in my opinion. It presents a massive problem because even if you lead out on the flop after raising preflop; there are so many draws available that players with a wide range of hands could call for value. This means you’ll be in a situation getting called by players and you still don’t know if you’re ahead or behind. Your options are either to keep betting out assuming they’re on a draw (normala pot-stora satsning - i vilket fall kommer du att sluta att riskera mest din stack); eller du kan helt enkelt kontrollera styrelsen hoppas kunna fånga en uppsättning, som också ge din motståndare en gratis kort plus ger dig hemskt reverse implicerade odds att veta även om du fånga din uppsättning du kan bli slagen av en stege eller spola.

Till exempel: You hold KsKh and raise 4xBB with two callers. Flop brings AsKdQs. If you lead out and get called, Du är uppe mot någon handintervall med bra värde för att ringa. Alla två spader, någon J, alla A eller även AK, AQ eller QK.

What I recommend in this situation is an overbet. You likely hold the best hand on the flop, and any straight is very likely to re-raise you in order to prevent players on a flushdraw. If you get called again and no danger card comes up, go all in. This will give you great value if you get called. If you only min raise or pot bet, Du är befinner dig i en farlig rut – särskilt i en 3 way pot. You’ll have outs, men inte tillräckligt för att vilja riskera din hel stack på en farlig styrelse.

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  1. ShadowElf Svar

    Playing small pockets also includes being able to put your opponent on a hand. I don’t mind seeing a cheap flop with 6-6 and know I can get away from it, with several opponents if I don’t connect with the flop, but against a single opponent that raised 3x mid. and you call from the BB with 6-6, your probably ahead with a flop like 8-5-2, but he will most likely call with a good A. I will still small ball, but a reraise might tell you he has better pockets, or just doesn’t want to get pushed holding A-K. It’s best to have a read on the style of your opponent and betting habits. Men, by keeping it small you can usually call a min reraise, and see the next card. With small pairs knowing how to proceed and when to get away is crucial. Unless you know an opponent will check behind you on the turn and see another card, if say a J comes out, and he misses, betting gives info. checking leaves you in the dark and gives him a chance to steal it. Also if he is reading you, c-betting the J after just calling pre-flop, he knows that is in your range of the pre flop call. If he’s holding A-K, A-Q, or any pair below J-J, he’s not felling good about his hand right now and may just give it up.

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