Starting Your Online Poker Career In Micro Stakes

Planning on starting your poker career in the micro stakes. There are 3 methods to start your micro stakes poker career. We will be covering all 3 methods in this article. No Deposit, Minimum Deposit, and Good Deposit. Start with what you feel most comfortable with even though one method will allow you to move up stakes faster than others. You must feel comfortable playing to win.

Start Poker Career With No Deposit

If you plan on starting your poker career without depositing any money. You want join a online poker room that offers a lot of freeroll tournaments with very few poker players in them. This method is very well known because Chris “Jesus” Ferguson pulled it off on Full Tilt Poker back when they had smaller freeroll tournament fields. Howeer, these days there are 2 problems doing this on that online poker room.

1) If you do not reach $10 within 60 days. You will not receive rakeback.
2) The fields are way too large with low payout.

The best online poker room to try this on is Players Only. Which is on the merge gaming network. There is a small acount of players in the freeroll tournaments with large payouts for the top 10 positions.

Start Poker Career With A Minimum Deposit

Lots of players like to deposit the very minimum for their first time deposit to start their online poker career. I highly recommend you NOT do this as a first time deposit on an online poker room with a deposit bonus. However, if you going to do this I highly recommend Victory Poker, they do not offer a deposit bonus because you are receiving 40% rakeback by signing up via Rakeback Rolls.

By depositing the bare minimum allowed. You will have no choice but to play in micro stakes to build your bankroll if you are following proper bankroll management. You will be playing at the $0.02/$0.04 limit holdem cash games, $1 or $2 buyin sit n go’s, and $2 or less tournaments. I know this is very limited but this is to make sure you will play more poker games and hopefully build up your bankroll.

Start Poker Career With A Good Deposit

Starting with a good deposit is the first step to starting a serious poker career even at the micro stakes level. Now within the micro stakes level there are a few different buyins for cash games. The lowest is $0.02/$0.04 and the highest is $0.25/$0.50 which is where you want to begin with is the highest of the micro stakes. You will win more money per hour as well as earn more rakeback faster. Now following proper bankroll management you should have a minimum of 300 times the big blind in your bankroll to play at any level. So to play at the $0.25/$0.50 level you should have a minimum of $150. However, I recommend at least a minimum of $100 if you don't have a $150 to play with.

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