Star Poker – Does full tilt poker still play real money games? do they still allow u.s. residents to load money in account?

i havent played for real online cuz i heard that some law stopped us from reloading accounts or starting new ones.

Yes and Yes. FullTilt has always welcomed American players for real money play. You can easily load your account with epassporte as I do. You can also try those prepaid Visa cards. Don't try the prepaid mastercards because those will not work. Use bonus code RIVER88 for FullTilt's best available bonus package. You will also find a full review, free poker tips from the pros, and other free tools at

Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, UltimateBet, and a bunch of other sites allow for U.S. players. is now offering special bonus offers for U.S. residents

I think that it is illegal, but they still have online money games in other countries.

You can play legaly at fulltilt poker. This site accepts americans, also gambling is legal in USA, just your banks doesnt allow transfers to gambling sites. So you do this- open epassporte account and deposit into fulltilt poker. One of the best sites for poker. You can find review of it at this link…

Yes they do.

It is okay to play online poker for money in the United States, it is illegal for banks to process transactions for US Players. The law is called UIEGA.

check out this post in our forum at Greg Raymer is a former attorney Check Out An Interview with Greg Raymer Part III he talks about this rule.

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