Rush Poker Goes Mobile (except iPhone)

Rush Poker on offer from Full Tilt Poker is a fantastic and fun way of playing online poker. The all action nature of the games makes it the perfect choice when you just don't have that much time to play and you want to see as many hands as possible. Great news then that you'll now be able to play Rush Poker on the go, a mobile app to play Rush Poker is now available for all devices that support the latest version of Flash. Good news for me at least because I've always been a 'droid fan.

However if you're an Apple "toy" user you might be feeling a little left out. But seriously though, can you honestly expect people who can only manage one button on their device to get their heads around poker? We don't want to make their heads hurt too much 😉 *

Rush Poker for mobile is available now.

*But if you really do want a REAL game of cash poker for your iPhone or iPad you could check out SwitchPoker

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