Road To Professional Poker Player: Day 7 & 8

Ok, I had one of those poker moments where I felt like playing really hard so my bankroll management plan was out the window. I deposited $57 into PlayersOnly and started playing. Got it up to $68 before my downswing began.

I notice this is linked to my stress. I was stressed out day 7 and most of day 8. In day 7 I was getting killed at the tables or should I say double up sitngos. I have the perfect strategy for double up sit and gos.

You can't lose with it but I somehow manage to do so. I was down $22 after day 7 before I got my rakeback payment of $1.26 and I didn't clear anymore of the bonus yet.

Now on day 8 things was going the same way. I was winning here and there but mostly losing. I was still stressed out from personally problems. However, I talked with someone that seems to put a smile on my face whenever we talk. So my mind was off things and on more happy thoughts.

It was what I did a good laugh and just being happy. From this happy feeling I took a big chance. Knowing how bad I am at no limit texas holdem I did the unthinkable. I joined a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool no limit texas holdem tournament at the $5.50 buyin level.

There was a total of 138 players in the tournament with a really nice $310 overlay so the prizes for the top 20 positions was a nice size. I had a good start but end up short shacking through most of the tournament.

I struggled to make it to the final table. Once there I made my moves and doubled up when I could which put me in the chip lead. I made a bad play during the heads up which resulted in me placing in 2nd to win $200 and my rakeback payment was $1.49 also in day 8 I didn't release any of the bonus.

Starting Bankroll - $57
Current Bankroll - $224.87

As you can see if it wasn't for my victory in the tournament in day 8 I would be down big time but since I am staying my best to be stress free. I believe I will start winning again. So hopefully I can have more $200 victories and $100+ days. Screenshot to my tournament win is below. See you all at the tables on PlayersOnly.

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