Road To Professional Poker Player: Day 6

I didn't have time yesterday to load my prepaid card to deposit yesterday. I had somethings to handle like cell phone bill, launching the RakeBackRolls forum, and a few other things poker related.

I was still in the poker mood though after I did more studying of pot limit omaha. This time I was really focus on learning which starting hands to use. So I ended up playing poker on Yoga Poker.

A few no limit texas holdem (You read that right no limit holdem) double up sit n gos and a short handed pot limit omaha cash game. I started with $17 when I logged in and logged out with $27 so not bad for a night of poker at the small stakes.

Anyways, I will make sure I load my prepaid visa card and deposit into PlayersOnly today. That way I can get back to my road to being a professional poker player or should I say on the road to becoming a poker star? Either way its all about poker and making a living doing something fun.

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