Road To Professional Poker Player: Day 3

This was the worst night of poker I have ever had. I mean seriously, I never seen so many calling stations at one table before. One guy left the table because it was too many donkey's at the table. I always tighten up my hand selection and push the action with top pair or 2 pair.

Well at this table that did not work at all. Donkey's playing with 45 off suit, 56 off suit, and other bullshit hands. And worst of all they was winning with them. Calling all the way to the river  then hitting their card. I just couldn't win against these crappy players.

I'm not one to give up so it cost me my own bankroll. Over $190 lost in one day. Lucky for me I clear another $5 of my deposit bonus and made $24.29 from rakeback to play with today. For day 4 I will be a lot more careful since I have to rebuilt my bankroll once again.

I will be playing at the $0.02/$0.04 tables until I reach $30 then buy into the $0.25/$0.50 tables with $10. Once my bankroll reach $60 I will be back playing at the $1/$2 tables. From there I will keep playing until I reach $300 and in any event I lose like I did today I will rebuild my bankroll once again.

Road to PPP: Day 3 Stats
Starting bankroll – $193.74
Current bankroll – $29.39

If you don’t have an account yet, Click here to sign up to PlayersOnly for 100% match up to $650 deposit bonus and 35% rakeback. My screen name is NoAllinHoldem and you can find me at the $1/$2 limit holdem bad beat tables around 21:00 server time. See you at the poker tables tonight.

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