Road To Professional Poker Player: Day 1

Yesterday in the June 2010 poker stats my starting bankroll was $120.99 on PlayersOnly. At the end of the post I said I was going to play later that day as day one of my mission to becoming a professional poker player.

I only played at the $1/$2 bad beat limit holdem tables. At one point I was up over $50 but went up against the shark at the table in a few big pots and he won. So I had to work my way back up a few times and the last time I was working my way back up the table was clearing out and I was sleepy so I left with the profit I had. I made $33.06 which is a little over the minimum buyin for the $1/$2 tables.

I also cleared enough of my bonus to receive $5 and I made $9.18 in rakeback. So my total profit is is $47.24 for the first day on the road to becoming a pro poker player. Not a bad start for day one.

Road to PPP: Day 1 Stats
Starting bankroll - $120.99
Current bankroll - $168.23

If you don't have an account yet, Click here to sign up to PlayersOnly for 100% match up to $650 deposit bonus and 35% rakeback. My screen name is NoAllinHoldem and you can find me at the $1/$2 limit holdem bad beat tables around 21:00 server time. See you at the poker tables tonight.

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