Ready For Pot Limit Omaha

I have been in such a downswing lately. I guess its from all the stress but since I killed my bankroll at pokerstars and playersonly. I had enough time to finally do some studying of pot limit omaha and I feel I am totally ready to play PLO.

So I plan on making another small deposit on playersonly today. I will only be playing at the $0.02/$0.04 pot limit omaha tables. As much as these stakes piss me off at the limit holdem tables for not enough being made per hour. PLO on the other hand its much more money per pot so the hourly profit is much better.

I will also be playing the PLO double up sit n gos. Since the basic strategy for double up sitngos is maintaining an average chip stack and letting others knock themselves out of the sitngo. I'm pretty sure I can cash in at least 5 to 7 double up sit n gos out of every 10 played.

Breakdown of my daily PLO bankroll management and play.
PLO cash games: I don't really trust myself to do very well in PLO cash games just yet so I am limiting myself to 2 buyins at the $0.02/$0.04 tables for both profit and lost. Either I am going to be $2 up or down.

PLO double up sitngos: I totally trust myself to be careful in these double up sit n gos. I will play 5 sitngos and see which way I am going for that day. If I win 3 out of 5 I will play a minimum of 20 sitngos and if I lose 3 out of 5 I will stop right there.

Hopefully my win rate with pot limit omaha is much better than my win rate with limit holdem and my downswings are a lot less with pot limit omaha than with limit holdem. See you all at the tables.

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