Problem With Breaking Even!

Since I have been playing limit holdem on Cake Poker lately because I was rewarded $10 from all my play last month. I have been breaking even playing in the limit texas holdem two cent four cent micro stakes  cash games. I find a table with losing players and take their money (or should I should changes) pretty easy but then a player better than me or same as me comes along and do one of two things.

1. We both take the losing players money and battle it out whenever we in the same hand. (Both of us profit from the table)

2. Losing players stay out our way and let us battle it out and I lose my chip stake at the table.

This is really starting to get to me. I even switch sites to Yoga Poker for a bit but that just made me lost the rest of the cash I had left on there. Last month I ended the month with $10 on YogaPoker but this month I am down to $0 from my downswings early this month. I played a few freeroll tournaments to bring it back up to $1 but lost that last night because of my downswing that started on CakePoker.

As you can see this breaking even cycle needs to end before I have a serious downswing and lose my bankroll. I kind of wish I knew limit holdem cash games was so easy to play back when I had my learning bankrolls. breaking even with $200+ bankroll wouldn't be so bad. Trying to grow a real bankroll from $10 is driving me nuts.

I even stop multi-tabling limit holdem cash games to really focus on the table and how I am playing. I fixed a few problems in my play like removed some hands from my pre-flop hand selection, stop chasing flush and straight draws, as well as focus on my opponents to see how they playing styles are. I must say that it really help my game but there is still something missing from my game for me to be a profitable poker player. I don't know what it is but I am going to figure it out.

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