Principles Of Blackjack

Blackjack, sometimes known as "21", is one of the most popular card gambling games in the world.  That's because it's relatively easy to play, moves fairly fast, and doesn't have a lot of rules.  It's also a game that, if one wishes to play it well, takes some strategy in order to be a more consistent winner.

Let's start with the basics of the game.  The idea of the game is to get as close to a total of 21 points as you can without going over that number, as well as ending up with a higher total count than the dealer.  The numbered cards equal whatever their numbers are.  All face cards count for 10 points.  The ace can count as either 1 point or 11 points.  It's the only card that has two separate values.

Each person is dealt two cards to start with, face up.  The dealer also takes two cards, but shows you one of the cards.  If your cards don't immediately equal 21, you're asked if you want to get another card, known as a "hit".  If you do, you get another card.  If you're still below 21 and want another card, you can ask for one.  If the total of your cards ends up equaling 21, you immediately stop.  If you go over 21, you lose.

If you like your hand at any point, even before taking any other cards, that means you want to "hold", or not receive any more cards.  Some people will say "stay" instead.  When everyone has completed the same process as you, then it's the dealer's turn.  Since you already know what the dealer's first card is, you now get to see the second card.  If the dealer's total is less than 17, the dealer has to take another card, and continues taking cards until the total is either 17 or higher.

If the dealer goes over 21, everyone who hasn't already gone over, or "busted", wins.  If the dealer is already at or over 17 with the second card, anyone who hasn't busted but has a total number higher than the dealer's hand wins.  If the total of the dealer's cards equals yours, you "push", which means you don't win, but you don't lose either.

One other thing you can do is known as "doubling down".  In this instance, the dealer has given you two of the same cards, such as two 5's or two queens.  You can decide to split the two cards and play two separate hands.  The dealer will then give you a second card for each of those hands and you get to play them individually.

At a casino, the tables already have minimum amounts set that you have to bet for each hand.  Some casinos will start at $2 tables, but the norm is $10 tables.  You put your money out before any hands are dealt.  You can put more down than the minimum; some casinos will limit how much you can put down based on the starting amount.  If you decided to double down, you must put in the same amount of money you wanted to play on the original hand. If you rather not leave the comfort of your own home like most people. You should take a look at online blackjack casinos. Play all the blackjack you want even while you lay in the bed!

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