Pokerstars iPhone App In The UK

Get The Pokerstars iPhone App

I've no idea why the worlds biggest Poker website has been so far behind the curve on this but today they have at last announced a dedicated Pokerstars application for you Apple devices. If you are in the UK then all of a sudden playing Poker with Pokerstars on the move has just got a whole lot easier!

As well as the Apple iOS version they've also released an Android application at the same time, probably a wise move as Android is now an even more popular platform. The chance to play real poker for real money on your mobile device with the worlds best known Poker website should give an added boost to an industry that has been copping its fair amount of flack lately.

To speed things up even more there are a couple of neat features to keep an eye on. 1 Touch Multi Tabling will allow you to switch between tables with a single touch, handy for those that like to play games as quickly as possible. The Quick Seating feature will make finding a game as smooth as process as you can imagine because your favourite settings will be remembered.

I can see Pokerstars becoming even more popular now, mobile was about the only thing they were missing out on before today.

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