Pokerstars In America?

Bit of an interesting story this one and it highlights the different spins that both companies and the press can put on things. It's been known for a while that Pokerstars have been determined to make headway into the American gaming market by looking at legislation changes. Well their latest steps have involved hiring former Nevada State Gaming control staff, just at a time when the state looks to legalise online gambling for its citizens.

Where this becomes interesting is if you look how the story is being reported. In the Isle of Man where Pokerstars are based the rhetoric is very much "we're breaking America":-

"Isle of Man-based online gaming firm PokerStars has made an appointment which looks geared towards the American market"

"The move came just a week after an internet gaming bill was introduced in the Nevada legislature which, if approved, would force the United States Gaming Commission to create regulations allowing online poker in the country." - (Country, are they sure??)

Contrast that to the views of the Las Vegas Sun:-

"The world’s largest online poker site, facing big obstacles in winning congressional approval of Internet poker, has set its sights on a smaller target: getting Nevada lawmakers to approve online poker for state residents." - (Note, only state residents)

"But the effort may be doomed because casino giants MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment — and presumably many other casinos — oppose the proposal."

"Licensed in the Isle of Man and a growing number of European countries that have developed regulations, PokerStars does business in places that haven’t taken a position on Internet gambling. Some growth has come because competitors dropped out of the U.S. market after Congress in 2006 outlawed processing online wagers. By flouting the federal ban, calling it legally flawed, PokerStars grew its U.S. business into a brand advertised on television and endorsed by celebrities."

E-gaming is becoming an ever more important part of the Isle of Man's small ecomony with Pokerstars being the jewel in the crown. You've got to question though do they realise how Pokerstars are seen in other parts of the world, especially in some US states? Then again why should they care as long as Pokerstars is helping grow the local economy?

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(Please note that this is just a look at how things are reported differently depending on how they affect different people. From a personal point of view I love Pokerstars, in fact I've played more hands of online poker with them than anybody else!)

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