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Today I want to talk about 2 really great poker social networks. One is very big, helpful to improve your game, and has great tournaments. The other one is new with tons a tournaments.

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The first one is RailBirds. The time you make a post on your blog there, they give you a link to a page with tons of information to improve your game. Mine has improved big time. They run tons of tournaments on full tilt and poker stars. Most of the tournaments are freerolls so you can build your bankroll. They also have clans(teams) that whole their own tournaments and do tournaments against other clans(teams). Click the banner above to join free today.

WePokerYou, Now this poker social network is very new and pretty awesome. They hold 5 tournaments daily. Most are freerolls. They hold tournaments on many different poker sites. So no matter where you play you most likely will be playing in their tournaments. I play their tournaments on full tilt and I recently joined absolute poker just to play in their tournaments.

Now that you know how I get to know more poker players, improve my game, and get into tons of free tournaments. Join me and ill see you at the tables.

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