Poker Rules – Texas Hold Em Poker Rules?

I've got most of it... But not the community cards... When the 5 cards are there, who can take them and when? If you need 5 cards in the end with the best score... Then how come theres only 5 cards on the table.. Doesnt that mean someone will end up with 4?

If me and my cousin are playing and we're onto that part... Who gets what? Plz help

the community cards stay on the table all the time - that is why they are called that: community cards - you use you own 2 cards and match the best cards that are lying on the table to combine your winning hand, but you will not physically take any of the 5 cards, you will just put your 2 cards down on the table when it comes to a show down, or you never show them if anyone else gives their hands up before it comes to a show down

I'm curious what you mean by "I've got most of it". Seriously, it doesn't sound like you've got any of it. No one "takes" the cards.

You don't ditch your 2 cards, you make your best 5 card hand out of the 7 available. Everyone can use the community cards. Seriously, go to a site, read the rules, because you aren't even close.

Yes, if your best five-card hand happens to be the 5 community cards, you don't use your 2 hole cards at all. For instance if there's a Royal Flush on the board, everyone is "playing the board" and whoever is still in the hand will split the pot.

No one takes the cards everyone can use them. You use the best five cards either a combination of the two cards in your hand with three flipped cards or 1 of yours with four flipped cards or all five flipped cards.

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