Poker Hands – What is the easiest way to remember my poker hand rankings?

Hello. I am a beginner poker player trying to memorize all of my hand rankings but I find it hard to. Is there like a trick to memorizing them. For example, the order of opearations. I memorized them by saying please excuse my dear aunt sally when I was a kid.

I dunno...Try this:

Super fine fornicators fully housed and flushed straight trees with two pairs of Juan's parents.

Super fine - Straight Flush
fornicators - Four of a Kind
fully housed - Full House
and flushed - Flush
straight - Straight
trees - Three of a Kind
with two pairs - Two Pair
of Juan's parents - One Pair

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By the way, I was told it was "Please exhume my dead aunt Sue" (exhume = dig up from the grave)

Just learn them! It's not that hard. But it's also common sense.

Two pair beats one pair. Three of a kind (trips) is better than one or two pair. You've heard the expression 'straight flush' and you know it's not a FLUSH STRAIGHT, so now you just learned the order of the next two. Straight, followed by flush.

When you hear the term straight, think of a nice straight ruler with numbers along the edge. So now you know that a straight is numbers in order.

When you hear the term flush, think of someone's face flushing all the same color (suit) when you beat them with your flush.

Beyond that you have a full house. Again pretty easy to remember, because you KNOW that is better than a flush or straight. It's three of a kind AND a pair all in the same hand.

Next you have quads or four of a kind. Well clearly four of a kind is better than three of a kind. So pretty easy to remember this is an even better hand.

Finally you have a straight flush (also called a Royal Flush if it is ace high), and you'll probably see one about once a year, so by the time you see your second one, you'll certainly remember what it is.

So if you step through the hands logically, it is pretty easy to remember. Then once you've figured that out, it's just a question of learning some of the exceptions. Like is AA222 better than KK888?

I suggest you play for play money on Poker Stars. On the play money tables the hand you hold is written out for you at the bottom. So it will tell you if you have two pair or a flush or whatever.

No easy way, but for the most part it's pretty obvious. The only tricky one sometimes is flush over a straight, but everything else is self explanatory. Just play enough and it will come to you.

high card
2 pair
full house
straight flush
royal flush

i think your "trick" needs to be updated

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