PlayersOnly Bankroll Challenge: Day 3

Oh my is all I can say about day 3. I played poker while watching the Brazil world cup game as well as the Lakers game 6 NBA finals. In the time, I had a lot of ups and downs as always. However, this time I didn't focus and bring myself back to even then make a profit.

I made myself a cup of coffee and open up 6 tables. 2 tables I sat alone the whole time. However, I multi-table 4 tables at the $0.10/$0.20 limit holdem cash game tables. For those of you that don't know. Let me explain why this is a very bad thing for me.

I am good with one table, ok with two tables, bad with three tables, and even worse with four tables.

While juiced up on coffee I managed to lose $22.34 before I ended my session. The only thing I could think about while playing after drinking that cup of coffee is more action, more action.

I would have lost a lot more. However, the one table I wasn't really looking at was giving me the action I needed (wanted) and my chip stack was growing and growing while I was getting my ass kicked at the other tables.

I learn 2 lessons from day 3 and because of these lessons I will be changing my focus for my poker career before I drive myself nuts.

  1. Limit holdem bores the shit out of me. Once that happens I open up my hand range to get more action.
  2. Me playing poker + drinking coffee = bad day of poker

Let's just take a look at the stats after bankroll challenge day 3.
Starting Bankroll - $35.92
Current Bankroll -  $13.58

As you can see the combo of coffee and bored from not enough action in limit holdem resulted in one bad day of poker for me.  This really got me thinking about my poker career as I don't like doing things I don't love nor enjoy. I love the game of poker however, I don't enjoy limit holdem as I once thought. The only reason I enjoyed it was because of how easy it is to win at limit holdem.

Now I realize a few things about myself. I am bored with limit holdem (I was bored before this bankroll challenge started), I need a real challenge, and most importantly a game I could really become a big name in.

The only two things I see people becoming big name's in is no limit holdem and pot limit omaha. I know for a fact I completely suck at no limit holdem for one reason. Whenever I get the feeling I want more action I push all in. I know just nuts right?

So that leaves me with pot limit omaha. I always have fun playing pot limit omaha. I don't know how to play PLO well so taking up the game will be fun to learn. So with that being said I came up with a few options as I write this. (Still feeling the effects of the coffee so my mind is running a mile a minute)

  1. Finish limit holdem bankroll challenge.
  2. Change to pot limit omaha and finish the bankroll challenge.
  3. Stop the bankroll challenge, learn pot limit omaha, then start the bankroll challenge over.

Let me know what you all think. I will come back to this once I got some sleep and really thought about this with a clear mind and not juiced up on coffee.

Still can't believe I blew that much in one day. Total disregard for bankroll management. Anyway, good night/morning everyone!

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  1. Ivan Reply

    PLO is much more difficult to play then holdem. You need a very deep bankroll even if you play only with nuts.
    If you want to win, you should learn PLO first. Stop your challenge for a couple of weeks. That’s what I think.

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