PlayersOnly Bankroll Challenge: Day 2

Wow, day 2 was a real battle. I played for hours! So much ups and downs then one big down swing. I know some of you know how I feel about $0.02/$0.04 micro stakes. Down right boring and some players just pushing the action with nothing and hit on the river to take down the pot.

After hours of playing these stakes. I was running really bad down $3. Then right before I decided to stop playing. I did something totally against bankroll management. I moved up to the $0.10/$0.20 ring game 6 max tables. I won the $3 back plus $0.90 to finish off my night of poker.

Bankroll Challenge Stats
Starting Bankroll - $35.02
Current Bankroll - $35.92

My thoughts on the bankroll challenge...
I feel this bankroll challenge is moving far too slow. 2 days into this challenge I am only up $1.87 and I am bored with 2 cent, 4 cent cash game tables. I won more than that at the 10 cent, 20 cent cash game tables.

Day 3 I am going to try something different. I will play at the $0.10/$0.20 ring game tables and see how much profit I can pull in. Maybe moving up stakes earlier than plan will speed things up and make things more fun for me.

If you want to join me on my bankroll challenge and have a little fun with me at the limit holdem tables. Click here to sign up to playersonly and find me at the tables with the screenname "NoAllinHoldem".

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