Play Online Poker – Can i still play online poker for real money at PartyPoker if i have a bank account in California?

I am a South African Citizen and have a bank account in California USA (I do not live there), i want to play poker for real money at Partypoker and want to use this account to transfer my funds, recently i have found out that it is illegal to play for real money at Partypoker in the USA, and that PartPoker stopped real money play for American accounts. is this true? Can i still play on the site? Should i find another site?

Party Poker has not been a US friendly site since 2006 and it was their own choice to leave the US market after the UIEGA was introduced. So your best bet would be to either open a new bank account in South Africa to use at Party Poker or just play at a US friendly site with your current account. The top two that I would recommend are Poker Stars and Full Tilt and both are better than Party Poker anyway. If you'd like to read more on this plus reviews, bonus codes and more for the top poker sites check out the site below and good luck.

Well, it's not illegal, it's just Party Poker's decision not to allow US customers. So when you tell Party Poker that you are using a new bank to deposit and transfer, they will not likely service your request since it is from the US. Your best bet is to play at a US friendly site and use US friendly deposit methods. Unless you play with play money on Party Poker.
Check for a list of US friendly sites that I recommend. Hope this helps.

Well, the bank is in USA so probably its impossible, there is a way though. Fulltilt poker is USA friendly site and you have the best chance to deposit there. You can find review of it here…
Its way better than party poker, which is not a bad site, but misses some things.

'i suggest you just try to sign up, and when it comes to it, if its a problem talk to them often there is a work around for these kinds of problems

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  1. Julius from RoundNews Reply

    Unfortunately PartyPoker can not be used if you have any connection with USA. Fulltilt poker sounds really nice. I wonder how do they manage to be present in U.S. also? I knew it was illegal but I bet they got something going on.

  2. Cindy Dean Reply

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  3. Holger Reply

    I thought a lot about adding some US-friendly Poker Rooms to my charity rakeback sites where all commissions go to charity. Unfortunately i came to the conclusion that the legal situation is not clear and even if poker rooms accept players from the US I still could do something illegal when i “lead” them there.
    It is a big problem and I would like to see a clear legal situation soon!
    Until then, i suggest you make a neteller account with the south african address, ship some money from the US account to the neteller account and from there to the Poker Room (note: i think the address should be the same with the poker room and neteller)
    hope you found a way already,

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