Picking Your Poker Game

Well you all know I used my bankrolls to find out which games I am good and bad at. Also, find out which games I enjoy playing so I don't get bored. In this quest to find out my favorite games to play. I had to blow through my starting bankrolls. Hopefully I can redeem myself this month with at least one online poker room. I can guess which two poker rooms I have a chance to redeem myself but lets keep that a secret for the monthly report.

Yesterday I let you all know about the starting of satellite tournaments to win a live main event tournament seat. You may want to use the PokerStars Bonus Code 2010 or grab your UltimateBet Rakeback to really hit those satellite tournaments hard. Play one or more at the same time until you win a seat. If you can't manage to win a seat, at least you will finish in cash for a nice boost to your bankroll.

However, the most important thing to know when it comes to poker is knowing which game or games you enjoy playing so you make less mistakes and more smart choices. For example, if you really into cash games. Don't hop into tournaments just because you COULD win a seat to the main event. That is one of the fastest ways to kill your bankroll. Losing your whole bankroll is not going to help you make money playing poker online.

Before attempting to hop into these serious satellite tournaments. I recommend joining a poker training site to improve your multi-table tournament poker skills. This will at least give you a fighting chance to win the seat if not a fighting chance to place in cash to give your bankroll a nice boost or to recap your loses from all the tournaments you entered to learn how to be a better tournament player.

All in all, I think everybody should find out which poker game is best for them and find a poker training site to help improve your poker skills in that poker game. As long as you stay learning you on the right path to being a serious poker player.

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