Picking Your Poker Game To Make A Profit

When I first started playing poker I only played in freeroll tournaments. I would win some cash then lost that cash from buying into a tournament. This went on for months, I then told myself I am going to make a deposit, well I did and lost all of the money. Lol yeah that’s me for ya. I made another deposit, this time I played a few sit-n-gos and started to fall for the same things until I went to the pot limit cash games and started to make a profit at the tables.

It took me around 8 months to find the game that will make me a profit. First hour I made $4 profit. I know not a lot but it’s a start from my losing. I stopped playing to handle some things with one of my websites. Came back to the tables only to lose $5 within an hour. I took myself out of the grove. I should have kept going while I was hot. No big deal I know how to handle myself at the tables now. Maybe I should do an online poker school to better my skills though.

Today I am going to sit down with a clear mind and something to drink. I will only focus on playing poker and nothing else. I will write how it went at the poker community site. By the way I am still looking for poker players to represent the site in tournaments.

How To Pick Your Poker Game?

This is a lot more simple than most people think. Even I thought it was a great idea to play in big tournaments since that’s the way I made money playing poker before I made a deposit. Well that was the big mistake right there. No need for a beginner to play in tournaments and sit-n-go’s. First we have to get use to playing for hours on end at the cash games.

If you like me you like going all in when you think you got the nuts. Well I had to make sure I couldn’t do that. So I looked for limit Texas holdem but couldn’t find it at full tilt micro cash game tables. So I picked the next best thing, pot limit Texas holdem. Hop in the $0.01/$0.02 6 player max tables with the maximum buyin at the table of $2. I play very tight at these tables and be aggressive when the time is right.

Every so often there comes a donkey sit down at your table. Wait until you have the nuts and let him or her be the aggressive one. Check on the river and let him/her place they bet. Raise with a pot bet. The donkey will call of course and you take down the pot.

Doing this for about 20 – 30 minutes people start to realize how I play and stop betting on the river. This is when I know its time to change tables. I move to another table find the donkey at the table and wait for my move all over again.

I plan on playing poker at this level for about 2 or 3 hours today and see how things turn out. If it turns out good, I will start checking my emails in the morning, write my blog posts for all 4 blogs and then play poker for hours until I get hungry, bored, or really want to work on my websites.

So find your game and make a profit out of it. See you at the tables 🙂

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  1. Ann Reply

    I love poker, and my husband and I make sure to play every Saturday with our neighbors. Basically we are the winners because my husband is a great player for years, but the agreement between us to play for little money while neighbors improving their knowledge. It is generally pleasant company.
    .-= Ann´s last blog ..A Review on Interior Concepts =-.

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