PC Forum First Freeroll Tournament

That's right, we are holding our first freeroll tournament for poker commercials forum. The official poker forum for kushmoney poker tour. The first freeroll tournament is an early christmas tournament for our newsletter subscribers. For those of you that are not subscribed to our newsletter. Please visit PC forum freeroll page for details on how to get into our tournament.

The Team PC (poker commercials poker team) will be in the tournament. Team members (KMnetwork & GoneGreedy) We all know that KMnetwork is me. Im not going to say how I play because... Well you will find out soon enough. GoneGreedy is a rather sneaky player. You can never tell when she holding pocket rockets (Pocket Aces). So watch out for Team PC and ill see you at the final table.

Also, be sure to check out our KPT event schedule page for all KPT events, forum events, and OFC events. We will have alot more events to come. If you don't have an full tilt poker account. Click here for full tilt poker review and bonus code.

Good Luck Everyone See You At The Tables!

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