Overcoming Big Poker Tournaments

Starting out playing poker its best to start away from big tournaments. I had to learn this the hard way. Lost over $100 from buying my way into big tournaments over and over again. What a rookie mistake that was.

After awhile I learned the secret to overcoming a big tournament of poker. When you sitting at a table for awhile you are playing the same players hand after hand. Some of them slowly learn how you play. You need to switch up your game a bit to keep building your chip stack to make in the top 10% playing in a tournament of poker

If you playing really tight and people realize this and fold their hand when ever you have a good hand. This is the perfect time to switch up your playing style on them. Play loose and steal as many blinds as you can before they realize you playing loose. After they realize this, go back to the way you was playing before really tight. Start to win those big pots again.

I don't know how many times I have done this in tournaments to reach the final table. Trust me, you don't want to reach the final table to be the guy with the short chip stack. That's like trying to get a girlfriend that's a gold digger when you have no money. It's just not going to happen. So showing up at the final table with the smallest chip stack isn't the brightest plan. Some unofficial but relatively complete poker web site ranking table with screen shots and detailed reviews of the currently most appreciated site for playing on top online poker rooms.

That's why when you in a tournament of poker you need to always be on your Ps and Qs building your chip stack. Make sure you got a snack next to you and something to drink. When you in a big tournament is a long road before it ends. I always be ready to run to the restroom on break, get more snacks, and of course got to get more to drink.

Its nothing worst then to be in a serious hand with a dry mouth and nothing to drink with nobody next to you to go get something to drink for you.

Next time you in a big poker tournament prepare yourself to overcome the odds.

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    Hey Kush, Sorry haven’t been here in awhile but now I’m here was pleasantly surprised at your new theme. I really like it and it fits your blog…did you design this yourself? Excellent job and great graphics, colors I like the whole thing. Regarding your post sounds like your a pro at poker playing I personally love a good poker game and had never thought about switching it up by playing tight ‘n’ loose good ideas. Thanks and I’ll be back. jj
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