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In the world of online poker, there are three types of online poker tournament players. Only one type will make it to the paid positions in the tournament. By learning these three types of players, you can not only learn how to play against them but also know what type of player you are in the tournament.

We all have our ups and downs in tournament, its a matter of how you handle yourself that will get you to the paid positions. Self control being on the top of the list of things you should do to keep yourself in the tournament. Without self control you can easily over play pocket pairs or get trapped into a hand against an opponent that has the nuts.

Three Types Of Online Poker Tournament Players

Donkeys - Donkey players don't really know what their doing, often times their playing out of position and pushing allin to get you out of the hand. Donkeys always the first ones out in the early stages of the tournament unless they won big at the beginning. Winning big at the beginning of the poker tournament allows them to get pass the rest of the donkeys. Going into the middle of the tournament is where the rest of the donkeys lost their chip stack.

Bullies - Bully players are somewhat easy to spot at the table. Most of their pot wins come from preflop, flop, and turn. Sometimes they will bully you out of hand on the river if you showed any type of weakness. They normally get out of a poker tournament mid to late in the tournament. Unless they bullied enough to have a really large chip stack.

Survivors - Survivor players are the ones that make it through tournaments. They play very careful and rarely take risks. They make it pass the donkeys easy just like the bullies do. However, survivors don't over play their hand like bullies do. They take the time to learn their opponents and beat them when the time is right. They normally lost late in the tournament around the bubble or in the paid positions.

Take the time to play in a online poker tournament and watch your opponents. Keep an eye on if its early, mid, or late in the tournament. You will notice the different style of play as you go along. At the same time, take a look at when you are knocked out a tournament. It will tell you which type of player you are.

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  1. ShadowElf Reply

    Hope most reading this find themselves as “Survivors” but, even survival is more than turtle shell safety. You want to survive to win ! End game strategy varies with your stack, but you still need to play through the bubble, with good hands per position. For every time you might get knocked out before the bubble, You will make up for, by finishing better in the money by pushing your short stack, or raising with a good stack, threatening the short stacks, and the other big stacks that won’t risk their position, knowing they could fold into the $. It is similar play to 5 left in a SnG. But, because you are probably still @ a full table, your hand range is tighter. Does this work ? Yep !!!
    Out of 401 players in Tournament 6859955 (XMAS $500 Guaranteed Freeroll 1), you came in 1st and have won $103.75.

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