Omaha Hi Micro Stakes

This article I will not go over how to play omaha hi but more of the lines of what goes on in the omaha hi micro stakes. Just like the no limit texas holdem micro stakes people are playing like they are playing with play money. It can be very hard to be profitable with donkeys going all the way to the river just if they hit their card. Sometimes, it always seems like these weak players is always hitting their card on the turn or the river.

This doesn't mean you can't profit from the micro stakes. You just have to be more careful than normal when playing at such low stakes. Playing tight aggressive is the key to winning at the micro stakes. The omaha hi micro stakes cash games I sit down at a table and fold a few hands to see how the players are playing. If its a total donkfest than playing tight can give you the leverage you need to leave that table with a profit.

However, if you face players that play almost everyday most likely poker rakeback players. Then you will have to not only play tight but get reads on your opponents as they are most likely going to be playing tight aggressive and playing on 4 or more tables. This is be a good thing for you as well. You can leverage the fact that the way they play will become standard ABC poker. You can slowly tell their hand range as hand after hand pass.

Just remember, when you are playing in the micro stakes. There are 3 types of players; grinders, losing players, and donkeys that just won some changes in a freeroll. Stay away from the grinders and focus on the losing players and donkeys. Cheers to being a profitable player.

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