OFC And Power Poker Presents Everybody’s A Winner Event

That's right this event is called everybody's a winner. The freeroll was yesterday which I placed in 106th place to win $1.50. I tried to play with it and get it up to the $5.50 for the everybody's a winner event however I just couldn't pull it off. I got the bankroll over $2 but I just couldn't make it to $5.50. So I won't be in the event today at 3pm ET.

You can read all the details about the event at OFC#105 – #106 PowerPoker Win. Remember to represent "RakeBackRolls Forum" in all the OFC events. (If you don't have an power poker account, click here) While you are there, become a member and talk poker strategies with me. I am always happy to meet another poker player and compare our different types of play. Maybe we can make each other better poker players.

Since I will not be in the power poker/OFC event today. I want to wish everybody good luck and I will be watching the event at random tables at random moments. Just to see how everybody plays. Best part of getting better at poker is learning how to read other players. Yes, even online poker you can read other players. The players to watch out for is the ones representing freerollarmy. They are really good. I play in their tournaments from time to time. Man they are some tough S.O.B's. Once you get pass the donkeys you got a focus to handle at the tables.

I can't wait until the WSOOF main event in December. It's going to hosted on full tilt poker. That's when the whole freerollarmy force come out to play. lol It's going to be great to play against those great players and a lot of other forums I have no clue about. However, I am sure those forums have great players as well. Since you all are readers of kushmoney. I hope to see you all in our poker forum and representing us in the OFC events!

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