No Limit Holdem vs Fixed Limit Holdem

I know I teach on this subject off and on. When it comes to cash games and heads up play, I prefer fixed limit holdem because of me being bipolar its hard for me to control my emotions. When ever I get depress, bord, or whatever. I tend to become an action junky. So fixed limit holdem suppress me from pushing the action too much. When it comes to sit n go's and tournaments. I much prefer no limit texas holdem. Sometimes it requires you to push the action which is right up my ally. Lucky, there are so many holdem poker sites on the internet today. The action will never end. 🙂

Successful profitable winning fixed limit texas holdem players know how to count odds, outs, and take their time waiting on the right hand to push the action with. Over time, they play less hands than most and play a lot more aggressive than their opponents when in a hand. I am still struggling with the waiting. I start off good waiting for the right hand. I make a little profit then my mood change and I am ready for action. The wait time is shorter, hand range open up, the aggressive increase, and the losing begins.

There are so many factors that play a role for a successful profitable winning no limit texas hold poker player. I can't begin to explain them as I often lose at no limit texas holdem unless im in a good mood and im playing a lot of double or nothing (aka double up) sit n go's. However, I have notice a lot of good no limit texas holdem players out of the UK. I guess they learn how to play poker on PKR Poker or play in euro poker since its the UK and profits are better playing in euros.

All in all, comparing both limit vs no limit is like comparing apples to oranges. They are too different worlds with 2 different style of players. Of course, anyone can adapt to the play of either fixed limit or no limit. But there still 2 different games. I wonder what you all prefer?

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