New Year, New Poker Career, New Start!

This year I am starting over. Each week and/or month I will be posting where my bankroll stands at each online poker room. My goal is for you all to grow with me. You don't have to follow the rules I will follow to build my bankroll. However, I hope you all grow your bankrolls as I grow mine.

Here are the rules I will follow. I will only play in freerolls held by the online poker rooms, private freerolls and small buyins held by kushmoney poker tour, poker commercials, and other online poker forums, and micro stakes tournaments held by the online poker rooms. I will keep at these freerolls and micro stakes until I can move up to low stakes poker. Once I am at the low stakes poker level. I will post a new set of rules for myself.

As you can see, I didn't add cash games to my rules. My poker skills are not up to par to really focus on cash games. So I will keep watching videos in the training site outstandingpoker. Always have to keep at growing your poker skills. I for one eat, sleep, and breathe poker. So I have no problem playing, studying, and writing about poker.

My Poker Stats

Carbon Poker: $1.13
Full Tilt Poker: $0.29
Oddsmaker: $0.37
Yoga Poker: $6.37

All my online poker room accounts are listed from A to Z. Not need to say which one's I like over the others because the fact remains. I will be playing on all of them. Sadly, I am in the USA and can not play at Sun Poker or Titan Poker. Otherwise, I will be playing at them too! 🙂

As you can see, I am pretty much starting from $0. I really don't recommend starting from $0. A deposit of around $100 to $300 should get you started. However, I am starting from $0 to grow with all my readers that are freerollers. Hopefully I can help all of you grow from freerollers to profitable poker players.

Cheers to a new year, new poker career, and a new start!

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