New Bankroll Challenge

In May poker stats, I stated that I will be starting a bankroll challenge on Full Tilt Poker playing only rush poker. After doing some serious thinking I will not be doing that bankroll challenge. I believe it's not a challenge at all using the strategy I came up with. However, I will be doing a bankroll challenge for you all to follow. It took me a few hours to think of something that will be a challenge as well as something that would be really fun.

PlayersOnly Bankroll Challenge

Just like the rush poker bankroll challenge. I will start playersonly bankroll challenge with $50 and will be playing cash games. However, it will not be rush poker and the goal is much higher. Also, I will be playing in the RakeBackRolls fun weekend pot limit omaha bounty tournament to relax from the challenge.

Challenge Details
Start Bankroll: $50
Bankroll Goal: $1,000
Game: Fixed Limit Texas Holdem
Type: Cash (Ring) Games
Other: 1 PLO Bounty Tournament Weekly

Following proper bankroll management I will need 300 times the big blind to play at a given table. Since I will be starting with $50, I will be playing at the 5 cent, 10 cent ring game tables. 2 tables at a time until I reach $60 to move up to the $0.10/$0.20 tables.

I will sure this bankroll challenge will take a while to complete since it's not rush poker or heads up. So I made a little chart below that will show the bankroll needed for each stakes level. I think the chart will explain why moving up stakes playing ring games take longer than playing heads up poker. Since heads up poker, you only need 20 times the buyin to play at a given stakes level.

Stakes - Bankroll Needed
$0.05/$0.10 - $30
$0.10/$0.20 - $60
$ 0.25/$0.50 - $150
$0.50/$1 - $300
$1/$2 - $600

As you can see from the chart above I will be playing at the $1/$2 stakes level to finish off the bankroll challenge. I am sure once I reach the $1/$2 tables, I will be making more money faster to close out the Playersonly Bankroll Challenge.

Want to play against me during the Bankroll Challenge? Click here to sign up to PlayersOnly and find me at the fixed limit texas holdem tables. My nickname on PlayersOnly is NoAllinHoldem

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