Name Your Favorite Poker Game

I was sitting back thinking to myself why I love playing Texas hold’em and badugi poker. I also like playing Omaha because it’s a lot like hold’em. Everybody have their own reason why they love the poker game they love. My girlfriend loves 7 card stud but often plays Texas hold’em. My girlfriend and I both want to play in the main event someday. I think we should do a online poker school before we go to the main event.

I fell in love with Texas hold’em while watching the WSOP in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker won that year. I thought it was great that a complete nobody won a seat and took down the whole tournament. The thought of me doing that some day seems only like a dream. By the time I even make it that far I would have made my name in the poker world some other way like my poker community site. I have some long struggles ahead with that site but I am ready for it.

I fell in love with badugi from playing in a freeroll tournament. I was playing at a poker room in their daily freeroll tournaments and entered a tournament not realizing it was a badugi tournament. After it started and seen it was badugi I did what any Texas hold’em poker player would do facing a new game. BLUFF! I bluffed for about 20 mins before I did a quick google search on the rules of badugi. I was the chip leader at my table so I had no problem until I realize what I was doing wrong. After I learned the rules and tried to bluff one last time before playing for real. I lost almost my whole chip stack. Then the next hand big blind on me, I am all in since my chip stack was so low. I lost the tournament but fell in love with a new poker game called badugi.

Knowing how I fell in love with the 2 poker games, I wondered how other fell in love with the poker game they play. Please voice how you fell in love with the poker game you play by posting below. I would love to read how it came to be.

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