May: Week 1

Ok, I did a lot of play through out the weekend and a ton on the weekend. I must say throughout the week I was doing ok until I hit the weekend. Friday night I had this great idea of playing cash games and a few 6 and 9 man sit n gos. What a big mistake that was. I should have just focused on the heads up limit holdem like I said I was going to do.

Don't get me wrong, I have done a lot of playing maybe enough to clear a few poker bonuses but after the battle was over and the smoke cleared I am down big time. From my up and down bankroll having the time of it's life its down to $5.56 from $23.41 as you can see in the April poker career stats post.

With such a small bankroll left for my heads up battles. I will have to play really hard in my next 2 heads up matches because micro stakes limit holdem heads up is $2.20 which gives me 2 chances to rebuild my bankroll or bust. As I play more and more limit holdem one on one matches. I am always learning how to read my opponent quicker to switch up my style of play to beat them. As long as I stay away from the other games. I can really build my bankroll all from fixed limit texas holdem heads up.

Until next time, I will see you at the tables.

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