May 2010 Poker Career Stats

Ok, a lot went on over the weekend. I deposited $20 into Pokerstars to just play other games. Didn't care if I won or lost. I just wanted to have fun. Indeed I did have fun, I played a lot of pot limit omaha micro stakes cash games which I learn I am worst at then I am with no limit holdem. I played pot limit omaha heads up which I can say I could be very good at if I studied the game and played it a lot more. I also took a shot at 2-7 draw poker which was a ton of fun. If I tighten up my hand selection I could easily make a lot of money playing 2-7 draw poker cash games.

Also, over the weekend I deposited $44 into Full Tilt Poker to put my skills to the test playing Rush Poker limit holdem low stakes cash games short handed. While the money was a test, I did put together a strategy. I deposited $20 to put my strategy to the test which resulted in the current bankroll you see in the chart below.

In the last post, I put together a few plans for a bankroll challenge. I will be doing plan number 3. The Rush Poker bankroll challenge on Full Tilt Poker $50 to $500. Beating short handed limit holdem has always been easy but the downswings is nothing nice with a small bankroll playing micro stakes. However, I believe that this challenge will be very easy to complete with the strategy I put together to profit from playing Rush Poker.

Once I reach the $550 mark, I will do a $50 poker transfer to Minted Poker to have a little fun and improve my skills playing pot limit omaha heads up poker. I will also move up to mid stakes $1/$2 short handed fixed limit texas holdem Rush Poker. I will try to reach my $500 goal by the end of the month.

Also, I might deposit into Pokerstars again to play 2-7 draw poker. The cash games are very soft. I am sure I could become a very good 2-7 draw cash game player. I had a blast playing it. Maybe I should just use my Pokerstars account for fun, trying new games, and tilt control. When facing bad beat after bad beat. Stop playing on whatever site im on and log into Pokerstars to just have fun and relax my mind. Of course, I will need to deposit more funds into my account to do so since getting killed in PL Omaha and trying 2-7 draw. Anyway, let's get into the poker stats for May.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Deposit Funds Current Bankroll Difference
Cake Poker $10.01 $0 $0.13 -$9.88
Full Tilt Poker $0.48 $64 $80.10 $15.62
Minted Poker $0.01 $0 $0 -$0.01
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0 $0.08 -
Pokerstars $0.06 $20 $0 -$20.06
Yoga Poker $0 $0 $0 -
Total Bankroll $10.64 $84 $80.31 -$14.33

As you can see from the poker stats chart above, I put my Rush Poker strategy into action and it worked. Made over $50 from the $20 deposit on Full Tilt Poker. June goal is to turn $50 into $500 by the end of the month. (I know I got a little head start on that.) I think I can do this easily as long as I keep to the strategy. I believe anybody can make a nice profit playing Rush Poker with this strategy.

If you don't have an account, sign up to Full Tilt Poker and put the strategy to work or come up with your own Rush Poker strategy. If you use my strategy, please do comment below how the Rush Poker strategy worked for you.

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