Mastering Multi Tabling

Multi tabling is one of the inventions of online poker. Prior to online poker there was no way that a poker player would be able to play on multiple tables simultaneously. Multi tabling has helped to increase many poker player’s profits. It is simple math, one tables worth of earning will pale in comparison to six table’s worth of earnings. With all of the obvious benefits, there are still a number of downfalls that accompany multi tabling. Multi tabling is not a skill that most players will automatically be able to use. Multi tabling is no different from pretty much any other skill in poker, you will need to really practice it before you will be able to really understand it. There are different extents to which a player can multi table, and the more you multi table, the less you will be able to concentrate on the finer details of each hand that you play.

Multi Tabling Benefits

The benefits in multi tabling will always outweigh the downfalls, but only if you want them to. Most players will fall into the same types of traps, all you have to do is avoid them. One of the biggest benefits of multi tabling is the most obvious. You will be able to multiple your earnings if you can play multiple tables at a time. The growth in earnings won’t typically be exponential (ie.-one table’s earnings won’t be exactly 25% of your earnings while four tabling), but you should expect to make more money nonetheless. The key to multi tabling success is finding the right site and determining your limits. You can pick the best site for you by reading online poker site reviews. Once you find a suitable site you will then need to learn what amount of tables works best for you. Casual players will be content with four or less tables, but grinders will usually play five or more. It completely depends on what your goal is, to concentrate on proper play or to apply a robotic system at the tables. This leads into the next topic, the downfalls of multi tabling.

Multi Tabling Downfalls

The main downfall of multi tabling stems from players who overdo it. If you can’t handle playing six tables you should just knock a few off. There is no sense in playing a ton of tables at once if you are not able to handle the constant action. Some players will see their profitability as two tabling player dwindle to losses as an eight tabling player. Find the amount of tables where you are able to play profitably at and then work your way up. If you start to see your win rate decline with added tables you will need to knock off a table until you find the amount of tables that best suits your style of play. Some players worry too much about all of the bonuses that they will be earning when they play many tables at one time, but the important number is your bottom line. If your losses outweigh your bonus earnings you haven’t truly made anything at all.

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