March 2010 Poker Career Stats

For this month recap of my starting and current bankroll. I made a nice little chart to clearly see where my bankroll is headed. Around the middle of the month I posted my learning bankrolls bust. So I lost over $200 from my total bankroll. As we all can see, I am not a profitable poker player which why I get pro poker players to write the strategy articles for all of us to learn from them. Anyway, lets take a look at my poker stats.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Current Bankroll Difference
Absolute Poker $0 $0 N/A
Cake Poker $90 $0 -$90
Full Tilt Poker $125 $0.00 -$125
Minted Poker $0.38 $0.01 -$0.37
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0.08 -
Pokerstars $0.12 $0.06 -$0.06
Reefer Poker $0 $0 N/A
Yoga Poker $0 $10.17 $10.17
Total Bankroll $215.58 $10.32 -$205.26

As you can see I have yet to become a winning poker player. Still struggling with bankroll management. This month I just may take a break from playing poker or just stay with freeroll tournaments as they have been pretty good to me on one poker room. It's only a matter of time before I finally get the hang of things become a profitable poker player.

I bought Holdem Genius so I can quickly know my odds and outs which has been helpful until I tilted a bit day before yesterday. Which bring down my Pokerstars bankroll as I was growing it. If I have time to seriously sit down and play peacefully. I will play at a few poker rooms I haven't played on in a while and see how it goes.

This month was a losing month. How did your month go?

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