Low Stakes Rush Poker Short Handed Limit Holdem

Rush Poker is one of the best things that were ever created by Full Tilt Poker. Move to another table as soon as you fold your hand to start a new hand. Play far more hands per hour than ever. In this article we will go over buyin, setting profit and lost limits, hand selection, and how to profit from Rush Poker.

Rush Poker limit holdem low stakes short handed (6 player max) is $0.25/$0.50 blinds. The standard buyin is $5. The bare minimum is $2.50 but I do not recommend going in with the bare minimum because sometimes you have to put in $2 or $3 into a nice size pot to take it down. So the standard $5 buyin will work just fine.

Rush Poker is exclusively at Full Tilt Poker

Setting Profit & Lost Limits

Setting these limits is very important like bankroll management. Also it keeps you from getting out of control when on a downswing. For beginners, I recommend setting a lost limit of $5. If you lose your buyin then you need to take a break or play tomorrow. This allow you time to go over your hands to see what you done wrong or read the hand selection section of this article over. For profit limit, $10 is a good limit per session. This gives you a realistic goal to reach in each session.

A personal bankroll challenge is always good to keep you focus on improving your poker skills and building your bankroll to complete your goal. For beginners, I highly recommend doing a bankroll challenge to reach 10 times your deposit bonus. For example, if you deposited $50 your goal should be $500.

Hand Selection

Hand selection is always important to the success of making money playing poker. Rush Poker is no different. Playing Rush Poker there are very few hands you should play. By only playing the hands below, you sure will win nice size pots playing Rush Poker low stakes.

Hands To Play; AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010, 99, AK, AQ, AJ, A10, and sometimes A9.
Lower pairs and ace suited with anything should only be played in position.

One thing you must become about is clicking the quick fold button a little too fast. Once you get the hang of folding hands fast to move to the next table. Sometimes you will miss click and fold a really good hand. Try to avoid this.

Rush Poker is exclusively at Full Tilt Poker

How To Make A Profit In Limit Holdem Low Stakes Rush Poker

Now this is the fun part, building your bankroll from rush poker. Before you buy into the Rush Poker short handed limit holdem low stakes, you want to set a small want to set a small goal to reach. This goal should be between $1 to $3. For example, you buyin with the standard $5. You win a nice size pot that puts you at $7. Click sitout, stand up, then rebuyin with $5 again. This way you keep your loses at a bare minimum.

Here’s an example from my own play. I use the profit and lost limits above. My first session I reach my $10 profit limit, my second session I reach my $10 profit limit, and my third session I lost my $5 buyin. After those 3 sessions I was left with 3 buyins or $15 profit for the day. Each session I set my small goal to $1 even though I won pots bigger than that. I removed my chip stack from the Rush Poker table each time I had $6 or more.

If I removed my chip stack every time it reached $6. I would have to remove my chip stack from the Rush Poker table 10 times to reach my $10 profit limit for that session before I take a break to go over hand history or go for a walk. Once you ready to play again, start your next session.

Rush Poker is exclusively at Full Tilt Poker

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  1. Beav Reply

    Seemed like good advice. Its what I do. Id rather loose a single buying vs all my profits over the past two hours cause I was to proud lookinng at my stack size compared to others. This is good info.

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