Live Tournament Events

It's around that time again. Online poker rooms are starting to offer satellite tournaments to win a seat at the WSOP. The most known satellite tournaments are the PokerStars WSOP Qualifiers. If it's any time of the year to seriously get your multi-table tournaments game on. Now is the time all the way until June or until you win a seat. Either way, don't give up.

Also by focusing on tournaments you can clear your poker bonus much faster. Last year the top online poker player made a full time living playing poker tournaments. She won 1 out of every 20 tournaments. Picture if one of those tournaments was a WSOP satellite tournament. Reach the final table or place high in the WSOP main event and most likely you will receive a contract deal with one of the online poker rooms.

This is why live tournament events like this is so important for any poker player. You can always use UB Referral Code to win a WSOP satellite tournament on to meet the poker brat himself Phil Hellmuth. Who wouldn't want to meet him and maybe get a chance to be on the poker team with him. Even though I am sure some of you don't like him but if 100% of the people like you then you wouldn't be well known now would you?

Now about the live tournament events, I know most online poker players have never played live and this may throw your game off just a bit for about 10 minutes until you feel comfortable about playing poker sitting at the table with other players and not behind your computer screaming you donkey after someone made a dumb call and won the pot. I must say playing poker live is a lot more fun than sitting at the computer because you get to see the people you playing against, you can learn to read them, and it's always funny to see someone slowly go on tilt before you take all their chips. 🙂

Good luck at all the online poker rooms in those satellite tournaments to win your seat. I know I will be hurting after my seat!

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