Learning Bankrolls Bust!

15 days into the month and both my learning bankrolls are gone. The battle was strong but I just couldn't get into the groove to start to make money. For a while I was just winning and losing the same $50 over and over. Now that my learning bankrolls are gone, I guess it's back to freeroll tournaments. As much as I hate freeroll tourneys because of all the donkeys that join them. It's the only way I can build my learning bankroll.

Since I been so busy with making the poker forum look better, adding reviews, and etc. I will be playing very little poker but I will focus on one room that I really like, which is Minted Poker. Not enough players to do anything serious but enough players to have fun in a freeroll. Early tournament play you can easily build your chip stack because there is so many weak players. However, once you get deep into the tournament it's time to take things serious, tighten up your play, and watch for the weak players.

I have learn from going bust with my learning bankroll. I now know what poker game I want to focus on and what type of games I really enjoy. Next thing to learn is to in force bankroll management. Keeping the bankroll growing and limiting loses is the most important thing I want to focus on now. To do this, I will be playing at one online poker room for now on until my bankroll grows and I feel comfortable enough to move my bankroll around on other poker rooms. I hope you all learn from me, from your own mistakes, and keep improving your poker skills and growing your bankroll.

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