KushMoney Poker Tour Event #2

Yes, its that time again. Kushmoney Poker Tour event is today. Last week was the kushmoney poker tour event #1 which was a really small tournament. Only 4 poker players entered the first KPT event. The kushmoney poker tour event #1 results was pretty awesome. 1 poker player had the win from the start.

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How to enter KPT event #2?
First sign up to Reefer Poker
Make your first deposit. 100% match up to $420
Go to "tournaments" click on the "private" tab and scroll down to Kushmoney Poker Tour Event #2

I thought about joining my own events but I know some people would get mad if I hosted a poker tournament and won 1st place. People may say its fixed or something. So I will stay out of all KPT events.

Reefer Poker Bonus Codes:
MAY1000 - 100% initial deposit bonus to $1,000 - Expires May 31st
MAY40 - 40% redeposit deposit bonus to $400 - One time only per player, expiring May 31st

BadBeat Jackpot is growing! Missed the last jackpot, get in on the action! Over $600K, and getting higher all the time!

That is one health bad beat jackpot, I can only dream of winning that jackpot. The things I could do with that jackpot. Make some awesome freeroll tournaments, do a crazy tournament like $1,000 prize pool with a $100 bounty on my head. That would be fun. I could do some really awesome cash giveaways on this blog. What would you do after you won the kushmoney poker tour event and then played in the cash ring games and lost with one of the best hands you have ever played and won the bad beat jackpot.

What would you do with the money?

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