KushMoney Poker Tour Event #1

Today is the first event of kushmoney poker tour. I took sometime to really think which poker room I wanted to host the first KPT event. First I contacted pitbull poker to host the first 4 events of KPT. They never got back to me. I was then contacted by a person that promotes reeferpoker. (Not an affiliate) I then signed up to reefer poker affiliate program to make sure this will help me get the events on their poker room.

We have agreed to have the first 4 KPT events on reefer poker. I hope all goes well. The more players wanting to get into the kushmoney poker tour events, will help me change it all around from me contacting poker rooms to host the events to the poker rooms contacting me to host an KPT event.

Now to get on what you are looking for out of this post. There are no passwords for the first 4 events. Buy-in is $2, entry fee is $0.25 and the maximum amount of players is 1,500.

How to enter KPT event #1?
First sign up to Reefer Poker
Make your first deposit. 100% match up to $420
Go to "tournaments" click on the "private" tab and scroll down to Kushmoney Poker Tour Event #1

I thought about joining my own events but I know some people would get mad if I hosted a poker tournament and won 1st place. People may say its fixed or something. So I will stay out of all KPT events.

I have done great things for this online poker tour so far.
1) Made an official Kushmoney Poker Tour page.
2) Made an official KPT event page in the Kushmoney forum.
3) Made an official Kushmoney Poker Tour on facebook.
5) Last but not least, I made a little buzz about KPT on twitter.

Remember, if you win first 1st place. I will gladly interview you. If you are a great poker player looking to get on a pro team this maybe your chance to get notice. If you a blogger, I am sure a interview on kushmoney will bring traffic to your blog. Also, if the first place winner doesn't contact me for the interview I will gladly interview anybody that placed in a cash position.

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